Workers Compensation Lawyers Can Help

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When a worker suffers a workplace injury, it can be a time of crisis. The victim must focus on medical treatment, recovery and getting back to work while also dealing with mounting household bills.

How is compensation calculated?

Workers compensation lawyers are there to help, helping victims navigate a complex legal process, communicate with doctors and insurance staff and fight for full and fair benefits. Sadly, a lack of concrete and comprehensive medical evidence is one of the main reasons workers’ comp claims fail, but a workers’ comp attorney can help avoid this.

They can review medical records and provide advice on filling out paperwork, and they can negotiate settlements with the employer’s insurance company. Additionally, they can prepare the case for trial or a hearing before a workers’ compensation judge and argue the facts of your claim. This includes taking depositions, examining witnesses and cross-examining insurance company experts. Click here

Experienced workers’ compensation attorneys understand New York state laws and can help you determine if your injury meets the criteria to receive benefits. They can also steer you clear of claiming for injuries that aren’t covered by the law, which could potentially upend management and leave you jobless.

Often, a workers’ comp claim involves disputing a long-term disability rating. The insurer may disagree with the ranking assigned by your dealing doctor and require you to attend an independent medical exam (IME) performed by a physician of their choosing. This is where a workers’ comp lawyer can really come in handy, as they have the experience to convince a judge that you deserve a higher ranking.

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