Where to Buy Investment Properties in Melbourne

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Buy Investment Properties in Melbourne

Using Super to Buy Investment Property the right property is essential to your investment strategy. Educating yourself on the area and the suburb you are thinking of buying in is important. Taking the time to visit the suburb and speak with local residents is recommended. Also look at what other facilities are nearby, such as schools and public transport. Also consider if there are any proposed planning changes that could impact future property prices.

The suburbs of Melbourne’s east and north have experienced strong rental demand due to a combination of low vacancy rates, good access to infrastructure, and relative affordability. However, with house prices forecast to decline this year and rising interest rates making mortgage repayments higher, the potential for capital growth is less than in inner-city locations.

Investing Down Under A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Investment Properties in Melbourne

Apartments continue to be the preferred option for investors, with weekly rents increasing by 18 per cent over the past 12 months – however, the additional mortgage costs far outweigh the added income. This is particularly the case in inner Melbourne, where more than 60 percent of investor listings are apartments.

A more affordable choice is to buy a townhouse, which combines the benefits of an apartment with the lifestyle advantages of a freestanding home. They are suited to family living and offer great access to amenities, including parks and playgrounds. The reservoir is a great example of this, situated just 12 km from the city centre and offering excellent transport connections. The suburb is surrounded by good schools and has access to shops, cafes and restaurants.

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