What to Expect From a Laser Liposuction Clinic

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laser liposuction clinic

Laser liposuction clinics offer the opportunity for removing stubborn fat without surgical or invasive procedures. It is effective for many body types, and can be used to target trouble spots that are resistant to exercise or diet. Learn more https://www.genesiscosmetic.com/treatment/genesis-signature-liposculpture-laser-liposuction/

Patients should make sure to consult a physician before undergoing laser liposuction. It is not a fast-fix procedure, and will require several sessions.

The recovery process is less complicated than traditional liposuction. Most patients can resume normal activities in a few days. Some may experience some soreness, which usually goes away in a few days. Compression garments may be necessary to help the healing process.

During the procedure, a qualified doctor inserts a small tube through an incision in the skin. The tube then suctiones out the fat. A local anesthetic is injected to keep the area numb.

After the treatment, an adult should drive the patient home. The recovery time varies depending on the type of laser liposuction used. The entire process takes about an hour per area.

Buffalo Hump Liposuction

If you are concerned about soreness, a saline solution can be injected to reduce the pain. Many people feel a cold sensation on their skin during the procedure. This fades as the area becomes numb.

While the recovery time varies from person to person, most patients can return to work and other regular activities within a few days. However, more strenuous activities should be avoided for at least two weeks.

To achieve the best results, a nine-session course is recommended. Two treatments are administered per week for four weeks. Periodic maintenance treatments can also be arranged depending on individual needs.

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