The Benefits of Yoga Meditation

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The yogic philosophy behind mindfulness poems is that it is a way to achieve a higher state of consciousness. It is the process of bringing the mind, body and spirit into balance through physical postures, breathing techniques and philosophical insight. Modern research has confirmed that profound physiological and psychological changes take place during meditation, causing an actual shift in the brain and involuntary processes of the body.

Traditionally, yoga meditation is practiced sitting cross legged on the floor or on a cushion, but those with bad joints or back issues can successfully meditate while seated in a chair. The important thing is to be comfortably seated in an upright position. Then, the focus should be on conscious breathing and conscious relaxation. The goal is to filter out the non essential influences from both outside and within and achieve a calm steady mind that can manage the interactive nature of the mind.

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Yoga defines three types of mind: the conditioned mind, the aggressive mind and the balanced or sattwic mind. It is the goal of yogic practice to arrive at this balanced state of mind by shifting the perceptions of the conditioned and aggressive minds towards a more balanced perspective.

Yoga has long been known for its mental health benefits, including increased focus and concentration, reduced anxiety and stress, decreased depression, lower blood pressure, stronger immune system, improved sleep patterns and a greater sense of well being. But the practice has also been shown to improve muscle strength and flexibility, and even decrease pain and discomfort. If you are looking to cultivate mindfulness, then either yoga or meditation is a great choice for you.

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