Oil Pastels – A Versatile and Dramatic Medium

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Oil toiles a peindre are a versatile, dramatic medium suitable for all ages and levels of ability. These pigmented sticks of wax and oil allow the artist to create rich color on a variety of surfaces, from paper to wood to canvas. They can be used for both representational and abstract compositions, as well as for blending and mark making. Unlike crayons, they are permanent and do not melt or dissolve when heated. The oil and wax base of these products also allows them to be blended with other materials such as gesso and paint.

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Because of their oily nature, oil pastels can stain hands and surfaces if not cared for properly. To avoid this, it is recommended to use a large piece of scrap paper or blotting cloth when working with these supplies. It is also helpful to keep a paper towel nearby for wiping fingers and tools as needed. The oil in these products can cause the paper to age faster than archival quality materials, and it may be better to protect the artwork by covering it with a thin layer of gesso or acrylic medium before finishing.

Like any other medium, it takes time to learn to work with oil pastels effectively. Developing a strong understanding of how to use the medium will help students build confidence and develop their skills. For example, many teachers teach a technique called scumbling, but it can feel daunting to students as they attempt to apply the concept to a finished work with oil pastels.

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