IGCSE Add Maths Group Tuition

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Maths is an extremely important subject as it develops logical thinking and reasoning skills and also supports almost all other subjects. However, students often struggle with this subject due to the complexity of its topics. Our team of IGCSE Add Maths group tuition tutors helps the students to score high marks in their exams by providing one-on-one online tutoring sessions and carefully written notes.

What is the highest IGCSE score?

IGCSE international maths has two variants core and extended which have a different curriculum. Core students write paper 1 and paper 3 while the extended students write paper 2 and paper 4. Among these papers, paper 1 is a two hours exam that contains maximum marks of 80 and it weighs 25% of the final grade while paper 2 is a one hour exam that covers a wide range of topics including algebra, coordinate geometry, shape and space, mensuration, trigonometry, vectors and transformations, sets and probability and statistics. Students are allowed to use a graphic display calculator for this paper.

Our expert tutors are trained to provide high quality IGCSE Add Maths home tuition with a personalized approach. They use unique techniques and teaching strategies to help students learn in a fun way. They also offer additional classes and homework help to ensure that students understand the concepts well. Moreover, they use the latest technology to provide live lessons and make learning easy for students. They also share the detailed notes with students for revision purpose.

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