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foundryA foundry is a manufacturing facility that makes metal objects. This process requires the use of special furnaces and molds. Metals such as steel, aluminum, and bronze are processed at these facilities. Foundries sell castings to various industries. They may also offer machining services to customers.

There are many types of foundries. Each varies in conditions, but they are all focused on producing metal products. Some focus on specialized products, such as typefaces for printing presses, while others produce larger quantities of standard products.

The foundry industry is undergoing significant changes. As the demand for advanced semiconductors increases, vendors are investing in new processes and materials.

While a foundry’s basic operations have not changed over the years, the technology used to make castings has. Today, foundries use robots and large melting furnaces.

Foundries also have extensive safety procedures. It’s important to follow these to minimize the risks of working with high temperatures and unpredictable chemical reactions. Safety equipment includes fire retardant and industrial extinguishers.

Foundry workers wear protective gear and thick aluminised clothing. In some cases, they have to carry heavy objects from one side of the foundry to the other. Many foundries also have high ceilings, which are designed to increase air circulation.

Workers also have to know how to work with power tools. Small mistakes can lead to injuries or the destruction of equipment.

Foundries have a strict traffic control system. Their floors are made from non-reactive materials. However, a single mistake can be fatal.