Foundry Lab

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Foundry Lab – Digital Metal Casting

Foundry Lab

Foundry Lab is a New Zealand-based startup that develops digital metal casting technology. This technology combines the speed of metal 3D printing with the economics of casting. It produces dense metal parts from CAD files.

Foundry Lab is currently working with aluminum and zinc. It hopes to move to other metals in the future. The company is also interested in the automotive industry. Car manufacturers make up to 600 prototype cars before a model hits the market.

Using Foundry’s tech, car companies could produce functional parts in just a few hours. They would also be able to test parts before mass production.

Foundry is backed by Peter Beck of Rocket Lab, former Autodesk CEO Carl Bass and Blackbird Ventures. These investors have helped the company raise $8 million in a Series A funding round. Also investing in the company are Promus Ventures, Icehouse, K1W1, Beck Ventures and Rocket Lab’s Founders Fund.

Foundry’s digital metal casting technology enables users to cast metal in any alloy. This is an ideal option for mass manufacturing industries. It can also be used to test metal parts before a product hits the market.

The technology is capable of creating parts in just eight hours. This is fast enough to manufacture a car brake shoe. Another advantage is that it works with various materials, including aluminum, zinc, magnesium, steel, titanium and stainless steel.

Foundry Lab says its DMC system offers the same hands-free metal casting process as die-casting without the need to pour molten metal into a mould. This is because the company’s technology automatically generates parts from CAD files.