Fashion and Beauty Trends on TikTok

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Fashion and Beauty Trends on TikTok

Fashion and Beauty Trends on TikTok

Fashion and Beauty Trends on TikTok it’s a viral ‘get ready with me’ video or a beauty hack, if it’s popular on TikTok it’s probably catching some sort of traction. While some trends are more ephemeral, others stick around for a while and can make their way into our everyday beauty routines. The key to successfully capitalizing on these trends is tapping into them authentically and considering the longevity of the aesthetic, because not all fads are created equal.

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A few of the biggest fashion and beauty trends that have made an impression on our TikTok feeds this AW/23 include strawberry makeup, which was inspired by Hailey Bieber’s “latte” aesthetic (it has amassed more than 27 million views). The look relies on pink and berry hues to create a fresh and fruity aesthetic, complete with blush-hued cheeks and freckles. Other popular make-up looks include bronzy latte girl, which focuses on warm brown and bronze tones and can add a natural and radiant glow to all complexions.

Another beauty craze that is sweeping the app is cold girl make-up, which takes inspiration from wintery elements like frosty pink cheeks and glowing skin. The trend combines a healthy dose of highlighter with a soft, shimmery palette and hydrating lip products. It also calls for a bold cat eye and a gradient lip, which can add a dramatic touch to the look.

Hair trends have also been reimagined for the digital age with micro trends like shullet, a short mullet that can be worn either straight or curly. Other styles gaining traction are wolf cut and the shag cut, which offers more texture and movement.

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