Certified Staircases UK

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Certified Staircases UK

JELD-WEN’s new staircase design and manufacturing processes have enabled them to deliver stairs that comply with building regulations within just a few weeks. This means that staircases can be delivered and installed into a property quickly, minimizing disruption to the build process. Staircase companies that take too long to produce and deliver their products can add significantly to overall development costs. This is because the precise nature of staircases requires a lot of reworking, and any delays can cause a project to overrun its timeline.

Certified Staircases UK is a renowned installer and designer of staircases in the United Kingdom, with unequaled expertise in crafting bespoke stair solutions for clients. Their dedication to accuracy and client satisfaction ensures that every job is implemented with the utmost care and attention, making them the preferred choice for staircase installations across the country.

Elevating Your Space: Design Inspirations from Certified Staircases UK

Staircases are an integral part of the structural architecture of a building and their design and layout must be carefully considered to meet specific requirements. This is particularly important when working on residential developments, as the occupants will spend a considerable amount of time using them. The occupants’ use pattern, environmental conditions, and loading can also affect the lifespan of a staircase, and so must be taken into account when designing a staircase.

The British Woodworking Federation’s Stair Scheme promotes effective design and reliable manufacture, developing guidance where standards and regulations differ. Although the BWF Stair Scheme does not accredit installation, a separate guide focusing on installation is available. This will help to ensure that installers consistently achieve a high standard of performance in terms of loading, deflection, and fire resistance where required.

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