Calgary DUI Lawyer

If you have been charged with impaired driving, or are over 0.08%, your rights and freedoms are at risk. You need a calgary dui lawyer to help you navigate the legal system and defend your rights. Contact Yoav Niv today to schedule a consultation and discuss your options.

He’s the author of Canada Law Book’s Guide to Breathalyzer Certificates in Canada, and has practiced since 2000. His entire practice is 100% DUI litigation. He has handled thousands of cases defending drivers across Canada accused of alcohol or drug-related traffic offences. There’s practically nothing about breathalyzer equipment, roadside sobriety tests or chemical testing that he has not seen and handled.

Legal Guardianship: The Impact of a Calgary DUI Lawyer on Your Case

A criminal record for a serious impaired driving offence can impact every area of your life, including employment, travel, immigration, and insurance. It can also have long-term effects on your reputation and relationships. Having the right calgary dui lawyer by your side can ensure you are protected and given the best chance to beat the charges against you.

Even if you do not go to trial, the administrative license suspension that comes with the conviction can seriously hamper your lifestyle and career and should be vigorously fought. Call now to discuss your case with an experienced calgary dui lawyer. He will review your case details, answer your questions, and determine if there are any avenues to beat the charges against you. He will also fight the ALS on your behalf, and argue for a suspension exemption in court.

Workers Compensation Lawyers Can Help

When a worker suffers a workplace injury, it can be a time of crisis. The victim must focus on medical treatment, recovery and getting back to work while also dealing with mounting household bills.

How is compensation calculated?

Workers compensation lawyers are there to help, helping victims navigate a complex legal process, communicate with doctors and insurance staff and fight for full and fair benefits. Sadly, a lack of concrete and comprehensive medical evidence is one of the main reasons workers’ comp claims fail, but a workers’ comp attorney can help avoid this.

They can review medical records and provide advice on filling out paperwork, and they can negotiate settlements with the employer’s insurance company. Additionally, they can prepare the case for trial or a hearing before a workers’ compensation judge and argue the facts of your claim. This includes taking depositions, examining witnesses and cross-examining insurance company experts. Click here

Experienced workers’ compensation attorneys understand New York state laws and can help you determine if your injury meets the criteria to receive benefits. They can also steer you clear of claiming for injuries that aren’t covered by the law, which could potentially upend management and leave you jobless.

Often, a workers’ comp claim involves disputing a long-term disability rating. The insurer may disagree with the ranking assigned by your dealing doctor and require you to attend an independent medical exam (IME) performed by a physician of their choosing. This is where a workers’ comp lawyer can really come in handy, as they have the experience to convince a judge that you deserve a higher ranking.

Ethicon Surgical Staples Lawsuit

Ethicon Surgical Staples Lawsuit

If you or a loved one suffered injury from an Ethicon surgical stapler, you may be entitled to a settlement. This type of lawsuit can result in millions of dollars in compensation, depending on the severity of your injury. A Top Class Actions attorney can assist you in filing a lawsuit based on your unique circumstances. These attorneys have experience in filing class action lawsuits, and they’re ready to answer your questions and provide a free case evaluation.

Suffered Injury From An Ethicon Surgical Stapler

An Ethicon Surgical Staples lawsuit can be filed on a number of different grounds. It may be that the stapler failed to form the proper type of staples or that a component failed to meet its specifications. A class action lawsuit may also be filed if the defective device led to a significant amount of pain and suffering.

There are countless cases involving faulty Ethicon staplers. The manufacturer of Ethicon staplers has a duty to consumers and patients to ensure that their products work safely. In addition, a lawsuit filed against the manufacturer can result in substantial compensatory damages for the victims.

The lawsuit against Ethicon Surgical Staples is complicated and requires a deep understanding of the field of medicine. The Ethicon PPH 03 surgical stapler, which is a widely used stapler, is responsible for life-threatening injuries. The lawsuit was settled for $5.5 million, and Ethicon has recalled the stapler.