What Happens During Driving Lessons Automatic?

Driving lessons automatic are a great option for learners who want to pass their test sooner than they would with manual lessons. The only downside is that an automatic licence only allows you to drive automatic cars, not manual ones. This can be inconvenient at times, particularly if you need to hire or use a courtesy car, and it may also limit the type of car you purchase later on in life.

What is the M gear in a car?

During the first automatic lesson, your instructor will do a series of checks before getting you in the car to start driving. This will usually include making sure that your eyes are safe to drive and that you can read a number plate. They’ll also check your provisional licence to ensure it’s valid.

Once the legal checks are out of the way, your instructor will introduce themselves and explain the format of the lessons they’ll be giving you. Then, they’ll take you out on the road to a quiet location near their home or yours and teach you about the car controls.

The first lesson will typically last around an hour, or possibly longer if you’re a complete beginner. Once the lesson has come to an end, your instructor will drive you back to where they collected you from or where you’d like to be dropped off in the local area. They’ll then give feedback on the lesson and ask how you feel it went. They’ll also get you booked in for your next lesson.